Global Vision

We have a long term global vision to educate and foster the adoption of blockchain technology.


Our founders and advisory are recognized leaders in multiple high profile blockchain communities.

Results Driven

Every product, project or community we work with starts with identifying the best end result and how to get there.

Fractal dApp Incubator Program

Fractal offers a dApp incubator program for early stage decentralized applications built on EOSIO software. From User Interface design, Smart Contract audits, tokenomic design and training to airdrop distribution, user acquisition, growth marketing and community building strategies, we aim to cultivate a family of best in class dApps.


Review & Improve

Smart Contracts

Spec & Development


Developer Workshops


Design & Supply


Design Strategy


Community & PR

Get access to the technical and design mentorship to get your dApp ready for launch.


We have well defined goals for the future and know exactly where we are allocating our time to achieve them.

Q1 2019

– Fractal Announcement
– Project Roadmaps
– Event Planning
– Metatron Public Beta
– Referendum Awareness
– EOS Votes Upgrade

Q2 2019

– Community Outreach
– Media Outreach
– Metatron Support
– EOS Rise Europe
– Chintai (Design Strategy)
– Transparency Report

Q3 2019

– Metatron Referendum Support
– Community Education Spotlight
– EOS Tutorials (Relaunch)
– EOS Rise Asia
– Transparency Report

Q4 2019

– Incubator Program
– dApp Announcement & MVP
– Ongoing Metatron Support
– Transparency Report

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Founding Team

With a diverse background in both enterprise and startup companies as well as many prominent blockchain community projects, our team is battle tested.

Steve Floyd
Founder & CEO

Steve Floyd

A lifelong learner of computer science and design theory, Steve’s been working in different industries for over 15 years running his own creative agency. He helps Fractal and it’s partners think practically about operations and growth.

Anna Taylor
Chief of Communications

Anna Taylor

With a degree in public relations & advertising and a decade in various aspects of marketing and media outreach, and recognized community leader, Anna helps Fractal communicate their message effectively across mediums.

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Our latest thoughts and contributions.

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