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TX Type: transfer
TX Status: executed
Sender: forceairdrop
Receiver: acroeos12345
Amount: 100.0000 EFOR
Memo: 恭喜获得原力协议代币EFOR空投,在币币贷DAPP或eos.bibidai.com质押EFOR借EOS
Congratulations to have received EFOR Airdrop. You can get EOS by collateralizing your EFOR in BIBIDAI DAPP or
Acting Account: forceairdrop
Permission Status: active
Token Contract: theforcegrou
CPU Cost: 511
NET Cost: 44
Inline Transactions: 1
Block Time: 2019-03-20T13:17:33.000
Block Number: 48608007
Last Irreversible Block: 69511153