Who We Are

We are a team of passionate software engineers, technologists, designers and marketing professionals dedicated to driving mainstream adoption of blockchain technology.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

– Margaret Mead

우리의 철학

Community is the real currency of decentralized applications and protocols. Our members, advisors and core team have a deep understanding of this and know that even the best projects live and die by their community. This is why we put community at the center of everything we do.

Our philosophy can be distilled into five guiding principles:

Be As You Are

Individualism and personal sovereignty should be protected at all cost, as they are the cornerstone of the human condition.

Do Work That Matters

Life is short and we believe people should spend it doing work that has tangible impact to others and themselves.

Support The Good Work

Support the good work others do and give recognition when and where it is due.

Continuously Improving

Always asking how we can do better.

Lead From Behind

Good leaders create other leaders. By empowering others we enrich our own lives and everyone grows in the process.

Founding Team

We are a team of builders who believe in the power of decentralized technologies to change the world.

Steve Floyd
Founder & CEO

Steve Floyd

A lifelong learner of computer science and design theory, Steve’s been working in different industries for over 15 years running his own creative agency. He helps Fractal and it’s partners think practically about operations and growth.

Anna Taylor
Chief of Communications

Anna Taylor

With a degree in public relations & advertising and a decade in various aspects of marketing and media outreach, and recognized community leader, Anna helps Fractal communicate their message effectively across mediums.


We have tapped some of the sharpest up and coming minds in blockchain to help us traverse the most complex problems.


Christian Lains

Christian is the Co-Founder of both BitSpace and BitGate, and has been a key figure in the blockchain community since 2011.

Jae Chung

Jae Chung

Jae is a recognized technical leader in the world of EOSIO software and specializes in building out blockchain infrastructure, network security and smart contracts.


Rob Konsdorf

Rob Konsdorf is a passionate technologist with a rich and storied history in DPOS communities and our brother from another mother.


Lean by design, we have taken no VC or silent partners to start our business. Token holders should depend on us to appropriate our budgets accordingly:

Taxes & Legal
dApps & Community
Savings & Incidentals