EOS Blockchain Glossary
Developed free educational resources for the community - link
EOS Tutorials
A platform for people to learn about EOS - link
We have contributed directly to and supported Chintai from it's earliest stages - link
EOS Rise
Developed an educational workshop series - link
EOS Rise
Developed an educational workshop
series - link
EOS Votes
We contributed to the Referendum contract development and created the UI for - link
We have dedicated a great deal of time and resources to develop a world class desktop wallet for EOSIO software - link
EOS Vector Icons
Free vector icon set for EOS - link
EOS Portal
We have contributed to the design (UX/UI), branding, marketing materials and supported the EOS Portal initiative as an unpaid volunteer - link
EOS Portal
Our team was cited in the genesis block of EOS for their contributions to the network prior to mainnet launch - link

A History of Service

Fractal has dedicated thousands of hours to community initiatives and supported or worked directly on some of the most critical projects in the ecosystem.

Whether you are a long time supporter or completely new to protocols like EOS, Bitshares or Steemit – chances are you have interacted with something we or our advisory have either helped build, design, advise or supported in some way. This thankless work is a reflection of our core values and a big part of what makes us tick.

Fractal dApp Incubator

An incubator focused on EOSIO based decentralized applications

Fractal invests, builds and grows early stage dApps looking to build on EOSIO software.

Looking to build the next killer dApp? Our team can help you avoid common pitfalls, flesh out your idea, develop and launch a beta product, build and grow your community as well as connect you to capital and other resources in the ecosystem.

Fractal Incubator


Review and improve existing whitepaper or help developing one


Exclusive training and development documentation for you and your team


Design strategy, UI and UX architecture that will make make your users happy

Smart Contracts

Help with technical specifications, research and development


Token design, usage, identifying key value variables and distribution model


Growth hacking, public relations, media outreach and community building

Join Fractal

Get access to the technical and design mentorship to get your dApp ready for launch.

Metatron Wallet

Metatron is the first project to come out of our incubator Fractal. Metatron will based an Electron desktop wallet, completely open source.

We have put a lot of time and effort into making sure that usability best practices were at the center of every design decision we made. Our goal is to not only create a rock solid experience for token holders but also the developers / contributors who are helping maintain, improve and extend the project.


Metatron Wallet

EOS Tuts

EOS Tutorials

EOS Tutorials is an educational portal created by Fractal and EOS Detroit to further advance the access to educational resources for token holders and developers.

We know first hand how hard it can be to get clear, well documented answers and tutorials about EOS. It is a new platform and many things are changing every day, so it can be hard to keep up with the best information. This project is focused on being one of the top resources for EOS in the ecosystem.


EOS Rise

Fractal has partnered with many of the top names in EOSIO software for an educational workshop series centered around EOS dApp development.

EOS Rise is a two day workshop that provides the foundations any developer needs to start building decentralized applications on the EOS Mainnet. The program is led by Phil Mesnier (OCI) and Steve Floyd (Fractal) and features some of the best insights, processes, cost and technologies related to developing on EOS currently available.


EOS Rise