As the EOS referendum UIs and underlying vote tallying infrastructure nears completion, everyone is excited to see the governance layer of EOS unlocked and the process of rallying support for a proposal, getting it voted in by a 2/3 + 1 majority of BPs so it is implemented on the Mainnet will soon be a reality.

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With just over 3 months since the mainnet launch, EOS is rapidly growing it’s users and developer community.

At the time of this article being written EOS has reached over 20,000,000irreversible blocks and achieved a throughput of 3996 Transactions Per Second (TPS).

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User Centered EOS Voting

A User-Centered Approach to EOS Voting

As EOS takes it’s first steps over the last few weeks many issues with the constitution, vote distribution, the worker proposal system and referendum contract needed to fix many of the problems people are complaining about have become painfully apparent. We are not focusing enough on educating and activating the token holders AKA – the users of the EOS network, nearly enough.

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EOS Icon Set

EOS Vector Icon Set

Today marks a significant milestone for the EOS ecosystem!

After almost a year of tireless work by Dan, Bart, Thomas, Brenden, Dave and the whole Block One team to provide the global community with one of the most scalable open source blockchain platforms ever released, Dawn 4.0 is just a week (or so) away.

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